Halifax Kendo Club


· Moriji Mochida - A 10th Dan kendoka performing Geiko at the age of 76. Well worth the download!

· Steve vs. Miyazaki - The video you’ve been waiting to see! Miyazaki takes on the legendary cyber-sempai, Steven Quinlan.

· Tsuki Strike - Brutal tsuki. Yes, this is a real tsuki!

· Drills - A collection of drills and other exercises. (NOTE: This page will be updated soon. Some videos have gone missing but most are still here)

· November 23, 2008 Grading in Toronto, Ontario

· Montreal Taikai 2009

· Montreal Grading 2009

· Toronto Grading 2010

· End of Year class 2010 - Balloon kendo and team match found here!

· Sensei Visit 2011

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