Halifax Kendo Club

Sensei Visit 2011

April 14th to the 25th 2011, The Halifax Kendo Club was pleased to welcome Miyagawa Sensei of University of  Western Ontario Kendo Club and Kiyoshi Hao Sensei of York University Kendo Club. Extra classes were held on Saturday April 16, 2011 and Saturday April 23, 2011 along with some extra sessions at Studley Gym (Dalhousie) and Prospect Karate Dojo (thanks Thomas!)

We were also pleased to have Stephan Quinlan “Cyber” sempai with us during this time.

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·  April 14, 2011

· April 16, 2011

· April 17, 2011

· Article related to Shu-Ha-Ri as Hao sensei discussed April 17, 2011