Halifax Kendo Club

Pushing and Shoving in Shiai

"Shiai represents a duel between gentlemen. If a person imagines real swords are being used, an insightful appreciation of Kendo can be realized. The rough style of Kendo, such as pushing and shoving your opponent after a hit in order to break zanshin, or charging into an opponent in an attempt to intimidate him/her, is unrealistic in a real duel. There could be none of the pushing/shoving mentioned above as the man would be dead! Charging foolishly into an opponents sword will produce the same results."

"We can continue to perpetuate productive ladies and gentlemen or, we can produce competitive brutes who intentionally hurt people and bend the rules...all under the pretence of Kendo."

Definition: Shiai. Translates to "Match", "Game", "Bout", or "Contest". A Kendo Shiai is a match between two people where the winner is the one who scores the most points ( usually a "best out of three" system) via successful strikes.