Halifax Kendo Club

HKC Club Motos

This is a small bit of philosophy from Hideo Sensei, 6th Dan. Its an article from a Kendo instructional book he wrote. The great part is that our club is based around these simple ideas.

The first is: Ware Igai Ni Mina Shi. This basically translates to "Everyone except myself is my teacher." The idea is that Sensei and Sempai aren't the only ones you should focus on to learn Kendo. People of equal and even lower (skill) level than you all have something to teach you. Other people's mistakes, are your mistakes. Be humble and learn all you can from every source available to you.


The second is: Doryoku & Doryoku & Doryoku. This line says "Effort & Effort & Effort". You have to practice with the feeling that if you practice three times as hard as somebody else, you'll manage to just be as good as they are. You need to practice as hard as you can in class (Geiko) as well as doing Jishu Geiko (Individual or Self Study) from sources such as books, videos, etc...