Halifax Kendo Club

Montreal Taikai 2009

On Thursday, June 18th 2009, TJ, Alex and Adam drove from Halifax to Montreal. On Friday they practiced at McGill in preparation for the Taikai and the grading the following day. HKC members should be very proud of the club mates for their performances at the Taikai. All three gave it their all. TJ and Alex both narrowly lost their first round matches. Adam won his first round and was edged out in his second by the kenshi who took home a bronze medal in the end. Here are some pics and videos from the Taikai on June 20th, 2009. Big thanks to Johanna Kral for the photos and video footage!

HKC contingent ready for action.

Watching the action during team division.



 TJís singles match

 Alexís singles match

 Adamís singles match 1

 Adamís singles match 2


Although they were only 3, HKC entered the team division. They were lucky enough to have 2 kenshi from New York join them to fill out the team. HKC fought well but in the end all three had Nippon scored on them. Here are the videos from those matches. (unfortunately the videos of the NY kenshi were cut short or not captured)






Adam was pretty stoked to see some Nito in competition. Here is a few minutes he managed to capture on video.




The finals of each division were incredibly exciting. Here they are.





 Sandan and above

 Teams 1

 Teams 2

 Teams 3

 Teams 4

 Teams 5