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Keeping Your Left Leg Straight in Kendo

If your left knee bends, it is because you have been overcome by your partener and succumbed to defeat. It is important to stand firm and, as a matter of form, not allow your left knee to bend. This does not mean you should brace your leg, but rather that you should not succumb, not be timid. A strong looking opponent, a very tall partener, or somebody wearing splendid Kendogu can appear threatening even before a match has started. In the begining the two Kendo players stand equal before one another, but as time progresses one becomes stronger, the other weaker.

This is because the more powerful is winning through
"Ki". Through the power of that Ki, the weaker becomes timid and his/her left knee bends. It is important not to lose the battle between Ki and Ki, since the purpose of "Keiko" may be said to "cultivate Ki".

Definition: Ki. Ki embodies the idea of a movement outward from the inner spirit, projecting itself in the form of a powerful energy, and is usually translated as "spirit" or "mental energy".

Definition: Keiko. Translates to "Practice", "Training", or "Study". When one refers to Keiko in the context of Kendo, one is refering to practicing techniques with or without an opponent or partener.

*Note: This article is written assuming that your left leg is your hind leg, but applies whether it is your left or right.