Halifax Kendo Club

Recent History

This is  a more recent history of the Halifax Kendo Club. For a detailed history prior to 2009 click here.




· April 2009. The club relocates to a more permanent location in the Camp Hill Veterans Memorial Hospital. Class times confuse most at first but settle into their permanent schedule of Tuesdays from 7-8pm and Thursdays from 7-9pm.

· June 20, 2009. Three members from HKC (TJ, Alex and Adam) travel to Montreal to compete in the first annual Montreal Taikai held at McGill University. All three put in great effort and represented HKC very well.

· June 21, 2009. TJ, Alex and Adam attend a grading held at McGill University. Adam and TJ both earned their Shodan grade. Although Alex did not pass his Ikkyu grading, he learned much and gained a determination to try again in December at JCCC.

· October, 2009. Changes to committee: Terrence Clarke—President, Adam Nelson—Vice President/Dojo Administrator, Committee members Jim Brown and Thomas Trappenberg.

· November, 2009. Thomas and Jim travel to Etobicoke Ontario for their Ikkyu exams. Both pass!! HKC is very proud to have 2 new “brown belts”.




· January 17, 2010. HKC holds its end of year 2009 tournament. (Postponed into 2010 due to weather) Bogu students compete in shiai with TJ taking gold, Jim taking silver and Adam and Thomas taking home bronze. Kihon students compete for best kata with Jack taking home a very special bokken as a prize. Liz wins the fighting spirit award and Shuji the award for best technique. Shuji is also awarded “Kendoka of the Year” for 2009. Way to go all!!!

· February, 2010. HKC is thrilled to witness sempais Stephen Quinlan and Christina Quinlan of the Kingston Kendo Club make their return to Halifax. Extra classes are held on Tuesdays for the next two weeks. Everyone learns a great deal and is given much to think about in the coming months.

· June, 2010. Will Blades travels to Toronto to test for and pass his Ikkyu exam. Way to go Will!!

· Summer, 2010. Will spends some time in Japan. While there he retests his Ikkyu and earns his Shodan. Great job Will!!

· November, 2010. HKC members travel to the JCCC in Toronto to challenge for new grades. Adam earns his Nidan while Jim earns Shodan. Congratulations guys! Also a big congratulations to Cyber-sempai Steve Quinlan who successfully challenged for his Yondan! Congratulations Steve and thanks again for all your help.




· April 10 - 25th 2011. HKC plays host to Stephen Quinlan Sempai, Miyagawa Sensei and Hao Sensei. Big Thanks to Thomas Trappenberg for all his help in setting this up!

· April 15, 2011. A demonstration is held at Thomas’ karate class followed by keiko with the senseis followed by 7th dan dinner! (Hao sensei treated us by cooking)