Halifax Kendo Club


Here you’ll find information concerning Kendo. You will need Adobe Readertm  for some of the articles. Adobe Readertm can be found here.

Kendo Basics


· Common Terms - a list of terms commonly used in kendo

· The Keiko manual - Guidelines for practicing kendo.

· Footwork - An article from "Kendo: The Definitive Guide" concerning footwork.

· Bokuto Ni Yoru Kendo Kihon Waza Keiko Ho - A guide to the beginner kata focusing on fundamental kendo techniques.

· Nihon Kendo Kata - Katas 1 to 3. Others will be added later.

· Beginner’s Guide - HKC’s new student manual.

· Ware Igai Mina Shi: An Introduction to Kendo - Written by Stephen Quinlan of the Kingston Kendo Club. You can order the book here in either digital or paper form.

Equipment Maintenance


· Shinai Maintenance  - A manual on shinai maintenance written by Stephen Quinlan “Cyber” Sempai

· Breaking in your Men

· Folding your Hakama

· Kendo Equipment Manual

· Bogu Repair Information

Additional Kendo Information


· Videos - HKC’s collection  of kendo videos. You will find all the old videos from the archive here and new ones will be added as time moves on.

· Pictures - Club pics, new and old.

· Concept and Purpose of Kendo - As established by the All Japan Kendo Federation in 1975

· Mindset of Teaching Kendo - An addendum to the concept and purpose of kendo.

· Insight - from Matthew Raymond Sensei

· Insight - from Henry Smalls

· Shu-Ha-Ri - Bruce Lee’s take on Shu-Ha-Ri

· Ki-Ken-Tai no Ichi - Article discussing a fundamental kendo principle

· San Satsu Ho - Three laws for defeating an opponent

· Article - regarding kendo and violence

· The Kendo Reader - An article discussing many of the more complex philosophies and ideas of kendo

· Pushing - An article regarding pushing and shoving in kendo

· Mindset - And article which talks about the proper mindset for practicing kendo

· Ware Igai Mina Shi and Doryoku, Doryoku, Doryoku

· Alternative Kamae - Information on various stances in kendo

·        Jodan no Kamae Instructional Booklet

·        Jodan Information

·        Nitto (2 swords)

Shinpan (Referee) Information


· Shinpan Bascis

· Shinpan Guidebook (from CKF)